The merits of each type of online casino

What is an online casino?

An online casino is very simply a casino that exists online. There are currently hundreds of superb brands out there each one equipped with its own set of games, bonuses, promotions, technical support staff and many other features. Online gambling is rapidly growing in popularity because of the advantages they serve to the public which land venues sometimes cannot. For starters, a land-based venue cannot go to a player in the way that a virtual casino can. Brands can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world where there are computers and internet access. Moreover, land based venues may serve a complimentary drink or two while online brands compete to see who can get the most players by offering mind-boggling bonuses sometimes going up to thousands of dollars. Casino brands come in different forms and each type has merits of its own as indicated below.

Download casinos

On the most basic level, downloading the software preferred because they allow access to the brand that is actually more instant than that of the instant play option. By downloading the lobby to your desktop, you no longer need to go through the brands website on your web browser in order to start playing. Additionally, through downloading the software you get full access to the casino’s game offerings. This might not seem important at all when looking at instant play and seeing hundreds of games listed. However, Microgaming, for example, offers just above 300 of its 600+ games on Instant Play while downloads give access to them all. If you are yet to find your favourite game then it is obvious just how much less limiting download casinos are to instant play.

Flash casinos

Flash casinos, also referred to as instant play, are the opposite of the downloaded software. They very obviously offer players the benefit of not having to download anything in order to access the software. The merit of this is that it completely eliminates the risk of players falling victim to malware carried by the downloadable clients which has been reported to have happened before. Plus, you often do not have to create an account with a brand in order to try out the games through free play at the instant option. This is especially useful if you are still looking for an online casino to play at and do not want to keep downloading and installing software in order to try them out. Additionally, not having to install anything on your PC removes the hassle of having to deal with space issues on your PC as nothing is stored there.

Live dealer casinos

Live dealer can be found within Flash and downloaded software instead of being a standalone type of casino. What sets them apart is the fact that players get to see a real dealer dealing cards on a table right in front of them. Through webcam and streaming technology, casinos have been able to grant players an authentic experience for which players yearn.

Furthermore, players have asked just what the Random Number Generator (RNG) that the brands often speak of is and whether or not it can be trusted. Consequently, live brands provide the answer to one of the biggest challenges that casinos face, which is to gain the trust of sceptical players.