Online Casino Games

Casino GamesThe main reason why one should consider playing even just one online casino game is very simply for the entertainment and the convenience of it. For starters, a lot goes into the design and production of game titles. From the theme, bonus rounds and storyline where applicable to the sounds, speeds and even payout percentages too, it is all chosen as carefully as possible in accordance to what players may want. In fact, so much attention is paid to how attractive one game is that it is virtually impossible to come across a casino game with not even one incredibly impressive feature.

Just in case you are already playing casino games but you are not sure why you should play them online, consider the fact that the online version of a casino offers a whole lot more than the land version can. As an player, you get to experience the joys of gambling in a safe and controlled environment without needing to step outside the comfort of your home. You can learn more about casinos and what else they have to offer by referring to our casino page as well as our in-depth reviews.

Types of online casino games available

Types of games availableIn their most basic states, games are classified into five different categories, namely slot machines, tables, video poker, speciality games and progressive jackpots. Online slots, as we know them even from land casinos, have reels (usually 3 or 5) and paylines varying from 1 up to 243. Out of all the types of games available, online slots offer the most variety and come in the largest numbers. However when it comes to the most favoured, table and cards take all the credit. Table games are “just like the name suggests” any game that is played on a table. Such games will often make use of at least one standard deck of cards but not always as in the case of roulette. The most famous of tables are poker, blackjack, craps, roulette and baccarats.

The only exception to games that use cards but are not the tables are video poker machines. Video poker is a card game that uses the exact same rules as Poker but is played on a slot-like video machine instead of a casino table. Just like normal table Poker, video poker also has its own variations which differ by the number of cards in the deck, the number of cards dealt and the role that each card plays in the game. As for the rest of them that do not fall under the above mentioned categories, casinos generally place them under the Speciality section. Speciality games differ from each other quite significantly because they have no definite structure that they all follow. Examples of such games include Keno, Bingo, Sudoku and various arcade games. Progressive jackpots are game types that have a cumulative progressive jackpot. Since a progressive jackpot can be installed on any game that the software provider decides, progressive jackpot can be video poker machines or tables although they are mostly slot machines.

How to choose?

Casinos hold hundreds of titles for their players to choose from. Since no one can play them all, how does one go about choosing the right casino game for himself? The answer to this is to only look at the ones that you can afford. Affordability pertains to more than just your bankroll and bet sizes but it also includes payout percentages, game volatility and house edge. As much as the primary purpose of games is to offer entertainment to the masses, it is not a wise idea to go only for those games that entertain you without considering how much they might cost you. Doing so will make you really broke really fast. Preferably, the casino game you choose should be the most entertaining of the ones you can afford. To help you choose the right games for you we suggest that you read further here for useful tips and basic instructions.

Where to play your favourites

It would seem quite obvious that the best place to gamble is, well, online. This is indeed true. However, there are thousands of online casinos in business today and choosing between them can be tough. This is why you need the guidance of which will help you decide where the best place for you to play is. Through reading our reviews and going through our list of recommended casinos you can choose for yourself where to play for the best game titles, best bonuses, best customer service, fairest bonus terms, most experienced casino etc.