How to be safe when gambling at online casinos

Gambling is a very popular pastime in many countries around the world. These days, it comes in many different forms with the most common ones being online casino gambling and gambling at a real, live casino. Playing at a real casino is simple: you just  walk in, buy your chips with your cash, card or account, and then play your favourite game. But when it comes to playing casino games online, a lot more security issues arise, making the online gambling environment problematic. In order to ensure one’s safety at these casinos, one needs to ensure effective control of both external and internal factors of his online gambling.


Inspecting external factors

External factors are those factors that the player has no control over but can check up on and ensure the existence thereof. The most important of these are casino licences, regulation and certification. Look out for casinos that are certified by companies like eCogra, CIGA, Thawte and Technical Systems Testing. These are well known external auditors of online casinos whose seals of approval denote a safe gambling environment. In addition, casino licences from reputable Online Gaming Commissions/Regulatory Boards and governments will require a certain standard to be met by the casino before it is licenced. Often, this standard is fairly high and the licence itself will come with a number of terms that the casino is bound to for the lifespan of the licence. As a rule of thumb, an unlicensed casino is an unregulated one and an unregulated casino is most likely an unsafe one.

These elements are put in place to ensure the creation of fair, transparent, well-managed and safe online gambling. It is therefore the responsibility of the player to meet the Gaming Commissions halfway by making sure of these details before signing up to an online casino.


Ensuring control of internal factors

Internal factors on the other hand are those factors that the player has full control over and should work hardest to keep in check. These include the amount of time he spends playing online, the number of accounts he has at different online casinos, how much money is spent in a certain amount of time to online gambling activities and so forth. The most common problems arising from uncontrolled internal factors are fraud and gambling addiction. Gambling addiction occurs where a casual player starts integrating his online gambling activities into his daily life, so much so that after a while he is unable to go on without his gambling activities. This can be avoided by making sure that you consciously play for the fun and not because you need to. Also refrain from creating multiple accounts in different online gambling sites. These make it easier to lose track of how much you are spending. Furthermore, where a player uses his credit card (or shares other personal details) recklessly in order to feed the need to be playing online all the time, the player is making himself susceptible to all kinds of fraud schemes that plague the internet. Steer clear of sharing your personal details with casinos that you do not have enough reliable information on as well as passing your information through emails and sms’s.

Online gambling makes way for many security threats to players. However, there are measures that can be taken to alleviate these threats and make your online gambling experience as fun and rewarding as it was meant to be.