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How to play online poker like a winner?

Poker is a remarkable, enjoyable and suspense filled game of bluffing. At the online casino you have to worry less about the bluffing as you are generally playing against the computer (virtual dealer), however the rest of the description holds true.

If you want to up the ante and have some really successful poker games online, then here are some tips for improving your game.

Begin with low stakes – If you are new to the game or poker, or, if you are new to playing poker online then you should begin by playing for low stakes. This will allow you to relax and really get the hang of the game without stressing about losing a large wager. If you feel that you are not yet ready for playing real money poker, you can start with playing some of the free games before transitioning into the real money version.

  • Start with the basic versions – One of the great advantages of playing online poker is that there are so many different, exciting variations to choose from. Do not get carried away and make sure that you start playing with the single table, basic version of the game before taking advantage of all the other thrilling varieties available online.
  • Well fed, rested and distraction free – Always make sure that you start your gaming session in a well-rested state of mind. Do not start playing when you are distracted by a growling belly or heaps of laundry that call your name. The more focused you are on your game, the more likely you will be to make smart and calculated decisions.
  • Use the poker tools and aids – Many online casinos provide their players with software to assist you in your game. As far as I am concerned, if the tool is provided or sanctioned by the online casino then make the most of it. Many of this software is free and is a great learning tool for most players.

If you really want to play like a winner, then act like a winner! Try it, it really works. A positive and confident state of mind will go a long way in helping you enjoy some truly enjoyable online poker sessions.

Test Online Casinos Before Signing Up!


As an online casino member you have access to more perks and advantages as opposed to land based gambling. The games that are available to you come in abundance and players are able to sign up with as many online casinos as they please using bonuses or otherwise known as free cash. This may seem like a treasure at the moment, but many experience gamblers will tell you that there is a downside to having so many options available at your fingertips.

Because there are so many online casinos competing against one another in an effort to gain more members, they offer players so many perks that at first you may find the casino site a wholesome one. However, after further inspection, you may rethink your initial thoughts as the gaming quality may not be all that is was promised to be. This is a serious inconvenience to online players as they waste their time by downloading these casinos and in some cases; they even waste their money by having to place an initial deposit before moving forward.


The Benefits of Testing Casino Sites

There are sites that work as your solution to this problem. These sites are one of a kind and offer readers a unique opportunity to test online casinos before signing up. This is possible through free games which readers are able to play at the various online casinos. You can try and test online casinos for yourself before having to make an educated decision on whether or not you wish to become a member. The benefits of joining these types of online sites don’t end there! They act as an informative guide, shedding light on relevant information that make sway your decision with signing up with particular online casinos. They also advise on which casinos and games are the best ones to join up and the reasons why. Players who wish to save themselves frustration and time will find that Casino 360D will help them eliminate both contributing factors to a poorly chosen online casino game.

These tester sites are available to any online casino community member, they can be accessed whenever you choose and should you run into a dead end, they will help you find an alternative path.


For Beginners

For first timers at any new online casino, it is vital to know what the quality of the casino is before you dive in head first and sign up. By playing the free games or trial games, you will afford yourself the opportunity to select only the best. Once you are happy with the quality and have downloaded the casino, you will have full access to all the games 24/7 and will never have to worry about the quality ever again. In the long run, taking a few moments out of your schedule to either read about the online casino or test the games, well…it will only benefit you.

For more detailed information on some of the most popular casinos, you can visit casino testing sites and find out everything you need to know. All that is relevant to your gaming preferences is right at your doorstep…and you don’t even have to be a professional to figure out how it all works!

How to be safe when gambling at online casinos

Gambling is a very popular pastime in many countries around the world. These days, it comes in many different forms with the most common ones being online casino gambling and gambling at a real, live casino. Playing at a real casino is simple: you just  walk in, buy your chips with your cash, card or account, and then play your favourite game. But when it comes to playing casino games online, a lot more security issues arise, making the online gambling environment problematic. In order to ensure one’s safety at these casinos, one needs to ensure effective control of both external and internal factors of his online gambling.


Inspecting external factors

External factors are those factors that the player has no control over but can check up on and ensure the existence thereof. The most important of these are casino licences, regulation and certification. Look out for casinos that are certified by companies like eCogra, CIGA, Thawte and Technical Systems Testing. These are well known external auditors of online casinos whose seals of approval denote a safe gambling environment. In addition, casino licences from reputable Online Gaming Commissions/Regulatory Boards and governments will require a certain standard to be met by the casino before it is licenced. Often, this standard is fairly high and the licence itself will come with a number of terms that the casino is bound to for the lifespan of the licence. As a rule of thumb, an unlicensed casino is an unregulated one and an unregulated casino is most likely an unsafe one.

These elements are put in place to ensure the creation of fair, transparent, well-managed and safe online gambling. It is therefore the responsibility of the player to meet the Gaming Commissions halfway by making sure of these details before signing up to an online casino.


Ensuring control of internal factors

Internal factors on the other hand are those factors that the player has full control over and should work hardest to keep in check. These include the amount of time he spends playing online, the number of accounts he has at different online casinos, how much money is spent in a certain amount of time to online gambling activities and so forth. The most common problems arising from uncontrolled internal factors are fraud and gambling addiction. Gambling addiction occurs where a casual player starts integrating his online gambling activities into his daily life, so much so that after a while he is unable to go on without his gambling activities. This can be avoided by making sure that you consciously play for the fun and not because you need to. Also refrain from creating multiple accounts in different online gambling sites. These make it easier to lose track of how much you are spending. Furthermore, where a player uses his credit card (or shares other personal details) recklessly in order to feed the need to be playing online all the time, the player is making himself susceptible to all kinds of fraud schemes that plague the internet. Steer clear of sharing your personal details with casinos that you do not have enough reliable information on as well as passing your information through emails and sms’s.

Online gambling makes way for many security threats to players. However, there are measures that can be taken to alleviate these threats and make your online gambling experience as fun and rewarding as it was meant to be.

Download Free Online Casinos For A Feel Good Experience!

Have you ever just wanted to take a few minutes or a couple of hours out of your everyday life and kind of forget everything and just have fun? Well thousands of people do and thanks to the generous nature of excellent online casinos you can too! Well established brands are at your disposal whenever you choose! This means that you can access all your favourite games whenever you choose – for free!

Why Do I Need To Download The Casino Software To Access Free Games?

Casino brands need to be downloaded as they contain the software that powers the games. This software is what ensures the good quality of the graphics, the sound resolution, and the way the brand allows players to use the systems controls. You could play instantly through a flash player, but in some cases the quality of the games are not as exceptional as the ones you would download.

The software that you download is the foundation of quality gaming. You should always choose a reputable brand as you know that you are getting quality. Poorly designed casinos will not give you the same satisfaction as you would find from reputable brands.

Where To Find Free Games

You can find downloadable free games in most visible places. Gambling portal sites should list a few free options and if not, you can check with some of the most reputable casino brands. You will find that games offered by quality brands are the best as there are added features with the option to sign up and play for real cash! So the next time you stumble upon a downloadable casino that offers free games, make sure you become a part of the gaming revolution!

The Benefits Of Free Games

There are many benefits of playing for free. First, you can use demo option to practise strategies that you would like to try out. And you wouldn’t have to worry about losing any cash because the games are free! Second, you could also use these games to practice a new table or machine game. Demos are also the perfect feature to slip away from the rest of the world and simply enjoy the true form of online gambling. Although most demo’s do not offer cash awards, you still walk away a winner! Free play is the portal to a world of possibilities!

The merits of each type of online casino

What is an online casino?

An online casino is very simply a casino that exists online. There are currently hundreds of superb brands out there each one equipped with its own set of games, bonuses, promotions, technical support staff and many other features. Online gambling is rapidly growing in popularity because of the advantages they serve to the public which land venues sometimes cannot. For starters, a land-based venue cannot go to a player in the way that a virtual casino can. Brands can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world where there are computers and internet access. Moreover, land based venues may serve a complimentary drink or two while online brands compete to see who can get the most players by offering mind-boggling bonuses sometimes going up to thousands of dollars. Casino brands come in different forms and each type has merits of its own as indicated below.

Download casinos

On the most basic level, downloading the software preferred because they allow access to the brand that is actually more instant than that of the instant play option. By downloading the lobby to your desktop, you no longer need to go through the brands website on your web browser in order to start playing. Additionally, through downloading the software you get full access to the casino’s game offerings. This might not seem important at all when looking at instant play and seeing hundreds of games listed. However, Microgaming, for example, offers just above 300 of its 600+ games on Instant Play while downloads give access to them all. If you are yet to find your favourite game then it is obvious just how much less limiting download casinos are to instant play.

Flash casinos

Flash casinos, also referred to as instant play, are the opposite of the downloaded software. They very obviously offer players the benefit of not having to download anything in order to access the software. The merit of this is that it completely eliminates the risk of players falling victim to malware carried by the downloadable clients which has been reported to have happened before. Plus, you often do not have to create an account with a brand in order to try out the games through free play at the instant option. This is especially useful if you are still looking for an online casino to play at and do not want to keep downloading and installing software in order to try them out. Additionally, not having to install anything on your PC removes the hassle of having to deal with space issues on your PC as nothing is stored there.

Live dealer casinos

Live dealer can be found within Flash and downloaded software instead of being a standalone type of casino. What sets them apart is the fact that players get to see a real dealer dealing cards on a table right in front of them. Through webcam and streaming technology, casinos have been able to grant players an authentic experience for which players yearn.

Furthermore, players have asked just what the Random Number Generator (RNG) that the brands often speak of is and whether or not it can be trusted. Consequently, live brands provide the answer to one of the biggest challenges that casinos face, which is to gain the trust of sceptical players.